Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is the nations number one health crisis. The demand for treatment is on the rise and treatment is needed throughout our nation. Are you interested in helping those who are addicted to alcohol an drugs and you desire to start a treatment program but are unsure where to begin. Do you think about being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Another Choice, Another Chance, USA offers Chapter Affiliate opportunities. There are many benefits to becoming an affiliate organization:

  • Affiliation offers low risk with high yields.
  • The power and brand recognition are built in demand.
  • The kinks are already worked out, you do not have to go it alone.
  • Funding can be easier to obtain than if you were to start a nonprofit from scratch.
  • Reduce your risk.
  • You have a built in team who is interested in your success.

Affiliates are formed by concerned citizens who want to address the problem of addiction in their community.

These citizens research the needs and resources and evaluate the potential success of an Inpatient, outpatient, transitional or clean and sober living program in their area.

If their is an identified need then you apply to Another Choice, Another Chance USA for formal Chapter affiliation.

Chapter Affiliates operate within the framework of Another Choice, Another Chance but remain an independent nonprofit organization. Through an affiliation you can help make a difference in your community through education, prevention, intervention and treatment.

With an ACAC Social Franchise Affiliate you can:

Make a real difference in your community.

Have an exceptional business and lifestyle you can be proud of.

Enjoy helping others through a network of support. Start a business yourself but don’t feel by yourself.

Because ACAC operates in an array of treatment services, franchisees can enjoy more revenue, while helping a wide range of clients.

For Individuals interested in starting an ACAC Affiliate organization in their community, visit this section for information regarding How to Become an Affiliate an the Benefits and Requirements.

If you are interested in starting an affiliate please contact Vannessa Lindsey, Director of Corporate Development at 1800-838-9379 or fill the form for more information.