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  • Volunteer

If you or your organization Would like to support ACAC with its mission of reducing healing those who are suffering from trauma due to exploitation, alcohol and drug addiction and mental health disorders throughout the nation Connect with us. There are several opportunities for you, your family, business or community to get involved with partnering with us.

ACAC is a for change organization, to get involved in helping to reduce the effects of trauma, alcohol and drug and mental health related issues, here’s what you can do:

  • Volunteer your time to help a new Another Choice, Another Chance in your community through a variety of exciting and challenging roles
  • If you know someone who needs treatment refer them for help/treatment
  • Connect us with your business to help them develop their corporate social responsibility programs through replication
  • Donation
  • Sponsor a fundraiser
  • Sponsor a youth

To discuss how best to get involved, please contact us.