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Youth DUI Distractions Workshop
Full Workshop Series Registration: $50.00 [$10.00 per Workshop]
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One all-day workshop is available every second Saturday of each month.

This Workshop Curriculum Includes:

  • Alcohol & Drug Education
  • Fatal Vision Goggles & Fatal Reflections Activities
  • Tips & Tricks on Effective Decision Making Skills
  • Review current laws on driving under the influence
  • Getting behind the wheel under the influence of Marijuana
  • Overview of the ideas of peer expectations
  • Personal Accountability Discussion and how it applies to drug, alcohol and tobacco use
  • Review of the “Zero Tolerance Law”

DUI Distractions Workshop Summary

This prevention workshop is a 5-week training series open to beginning & new drivers ages 14 to 19 years old! The workshop series teaches participants to listen about the consequences of drinking, drugging, texting and driving. The workshop also includes livesaving information designed to help youth recognize the potential dangers of reckless, irresponsible behavior on the road and other possible negative outcomes.


Our Workshop Group Series is every Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 7 PM


7000 Franklin Blvd #670, Sacramento, CA 95823