Substance Abuse Treatment

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

Provided for youth who have been identified as experimenting, using or abusing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or other mood or mind-altering substances. Treatment is client-centered and based on the individual’s needs. Services are provided for periods as short as three months, and as long as two years, depending on the needs of the youth and his/her family.

Individualized Drug Counseling: Focuses directly on reducing or stopping illicit alcohol and drug use. The program also addresses related areas of impaired functioning, such as employment, illegal activity, vocational, psychosocial, and family/social relations. Clients attend sessions at least once per week and treatment plans are based on the client’s strengths and needs.

Group therapy: Involves peers in a group counseling process that encourages them to address personal issues and the consequences of their alcohol and/or drug involvement. A major theme of group therapy is participation and support by others through encouraging healthy interaction. Through sharing, discussion, and problem solving, clients can begin to take responsibility for their drug and/or alcohol problems as well as recognize denial and other signs of minimization. Clients attend sessions at least once per week.

Family Counseling and Advocacy: The family is an important part of the youth success team and because we believe success begins with the family we offer family counseling and support to assist the youth in their journey of recovery. In this program, family members meet at least once per month with a team of advocates who offer support, parenting classes, education and networking, opportunities and more. Please note, you or your child must be enrolled in either the mental health or substance abuse program to receive family counseling and advocacy services.